About Outlaw Abortion


Outlaw Abortion is an international move of citizens from countries around the world to establish justice for the unborn under the law—to ensure the most fundamental right to life is protected from the moment of conception with no exceptions.

With approximately 125,000 children being killed daily at the hands of abortionists, the womb has become the most dangerous place in the world. Every child that is aborted is made in the image and likeness of God, and the taking of life of any person through abortion is never a “choice” that should go unpunished. Therefore, any law whether it be established to permit such behavior or to even regulate is at odds with God’s created order and must be rejected.

Through the efforts of Outlaw Abortion, we aim to educate civil authorities around the world on their responsibility before God to protect life in the womb, and to ensure that those who do harm to them will be brought to justice. Our mission is three-fold:

1. Establish Justice

2. Expose Collaboration

3. Rescue the Perishing

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